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D.F.S stands for Double Funk Sound which exactly represents who Mc Al and Rick-EE are, two guys with a funky dance sound. The duo was created in December '94 when they met at "Club L'Energie" in Montreal and freestyled together for the first time. Their different styles joined and brought to life an interesting new sound. So, through the guidance of Denis Desmarchais, alias Double D, the Dj at "Club L'Energie, they were introduced to their present record label "Primus Record" and manager Luc Dubois.

Luc Dubois let them express their freestyle talents by letting them create and put together their single "OU EEE OU". Mc Al and Rick-EE rapped this new comming hit on Jean-Francois Laprise music. "OU EEE OU" is only the first track of many that D.F.S plans on presenting to the industry. In fact, they already wrote numerous songs which are in production including a soon released second single. With the already exciting reaction throughout clubs all over Quebec and Ontario, D.F.S promises to be a great success.

These two "cut" newcommers show a lot of talent and spirit in their music. Whit their fabulous nack for cheering the crowd, they will be a fan pleasing group. Watch out ! D.F.S is gonna kick it for you!