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Early Life
Born Nathanael Jerome Anthony Price on December 17th, 1990 in Canturbury, Kent, the
eldest of 5, Jerome's emergence as a star follows in the footsteps of soul legend .Omar'.
As well as being the nephew of the singer, music has always been in the family ... Jerome
has been producing and rapping since the age of 14. He now lives in Newcastle where he
is studying for a law degree.
About Debut Single .Letting Go'
The songs' influences are taken from the modern day stresses of being a student and the
lack of money that go hand in hand. When the studying is done there is a need to “let go”
and its party time. The song describes how Jerome and his friends would set about
“Letting Go” - their story is true of people from all walks of life and can stand for any way a
person chooses to de-stress and forget about the worries in their life.
Jerome's Influences
“Letting Go” was written during Jerome's first year of study in Newcastle and takes its
influence from student life in the Toon. University life also introduced him to House /
Dance / Up tempo music which had a profound effect on his productions, most of which
were made in the Halls Of Residence. His love of his hip hop and rap remained strong and
so crossing these roots with dance / pop tunes was a natural musical progression.